Martin van Kempen was over 24 years with a “Big Four” firm for accounting and tax services. Martin van Kempen specialized in indirect tax or VAT in The Netherlands. Now he continues as an independent. His extensive experience as a consultant comes in handy in doing. Martin van Kempen offers the following services:

  • Interim management if the continuity of the tax declaration process is disrupted
  • Troubleshooting if there are too many ambiguities in the administration and settlement of VAT incurred
  • VAT registration and vat compliance
  • VAT scan of your company or business related to tax obligations
  • Supervision of your tax department
  • Assistance in setting internal tax audit
  • Capture of VAT processes in a manual
  • VAT pro rata calculations for companies rendering both VAT taxable and vat exempted supplies.

If you are interested in any of these services please contact:
MVK vat services –  btw diensten